Teller Jobs in Kuwait

Ahli United Bank - AUB

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Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

  • Customer Service: Ensures hosting and serving customers by maintaining the customer service standards at all times.
  • Financial Documents Transactions: Receives/dispenses cash from/to customers against appropriate financial documents and receives cheques from customers for deposits. Processes them on Retail System terminal.
  • Verification of Documents: Verifies customers’ signatures on withdrawal vouchers and other financial or non-financial papers by the Bank’s policies and procedures.
  • Cash Transaction Review: Obtains/Transfers cash from/to Head Teller by Teller Transfer vouchers in case of inadequate cash or over the cash limit in the cash box.
  • Confidential Customer Accounts: Maintains entire secrecy and confidentiality to all customers’ accounts.
  • Daily Report Update: Signs Branch cash and stock confirmation daily reports jointly with Asst. Manager customer service.
  • Update Line Manager: Feeds back Asst. Manager / Head Teller with customers’ views/inquiries/complaints and participates in proposing applicable solutions/alternatives.
  • Cash Box Possession: Obtains the cash box from the operations supervisor at the beginning of the day. Log on and log off the assigned Retail System terminal and maintain cash in the cash box within the permissible limit.
  • Corporate Governance: Comply with all operational, Audit, Risk, and regulatory compliance policies and procedures and AML guidelines.
  • Other Responsibilities: Perform other assignments and related duties as necessary.