Move & Safety Coordinator Job in Orlando International Airport

Spirit Airlines

If You are Looking for Jobs at Orlando International Airport, Check out this Move & Safety Coordinator Job vacancy in Orlando International Airport. The Move & Safety Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the safe and timely movement of all aircraft by operating ground service equipment from all points on taxiways and ramp surfaces. Ensures that all aircraft moved in daily operations are completed by Spirit Airlines’ safety standards.

Your Duties And Responsibilities as a Move & Safety Coordinator

  • Communicate with both the air traffic control tower and local ramp control to successfully re-position aircraft on the tarmac which includes active taxiways and runways.
  • Must be able to operate and position Jetway safely to aircraft.
  • Guides aircraft to and from aircraft parking locations assuring the area is clear of GSE, stands, and any other items for safe movement. Assures Jetway is located in a safe zone prior to positioning aircraft.
  • Aid in securing and supporting aircraft on gates and in remote locations which include the operation of ground service equipment (power units, air stairs, air carts, ground power unit, tug, aircraft pushback, lavatory truck, deicing truck, etc.)
  • Responsible to adhere to all safety guidelines including pre and post-move safety inspections.
  • Able to work in all types of weather conditions.

Who Can Apply For This Position 

  • Ability to perform under pressure and fixed time constraints.
  • Must be able to pass a background check and obtain all necessary badging.
  • Must be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Must be able to use handheld radios and headsets to communicate with the cockpit, dispatch, and other team members.
  • Must be able to ascend/descend ladders, stairs, and work stand unassisted; work off of stands and lift trucks.
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds unassisted.
Job Details  
Company Name : Spirit Airlines
Location : Orlando International Airport Orlando, Florida
Job Type : Full-Time