ATM & E-Payments Solution Specialist

Banque du Caire - BDC

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Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

  • Responsible for communication between several groups within and outside the bank on all aspects of the system and interfaces related to ATM & e-payments
  • Analysis and design of all business requests related to E-payments, Switch, and Card management system (CMS)
  • Build a clear business case from a technical perspective to execute them with the best quality and lower cost.
  • Working on new projects, CRs with team & vendors (if their interference is needed) in implementing and solving all issues and detect root cause for any issue to prevent occurring again.
  • Work with ATM and payments solutions system providers and any other links in the payment chain.
  • Enhance the performance of current solutions through the usual health & quality check
  • Gathering business requirements related to any new CR or Project from the business side.
  • Working on the Deployment of new changes and projects in a production environment.
  • Trace and analysis all application issues related to new projects to eliminate issues.