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Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

  • Answer all incoming telephone calls, and respond as required to ensure customer request is logged and responsible ECS member is contacted and informed so that the customer can receive feedback.
  • Prepare reports required by ECS members to a high standard of accuracy and timeliness to ensure information of customers reflect the actuals thereby guiding ECS members in the right direction.
  • Establish, maintain and update a filing system that ensures that documentation is easily accessible. Maintain office supply inventory, order supplies, and monitor and processes client requests.
  • Establish and maintain files and records of existing clients and those who are discontinued.
  • Ensure all relevant and important documents are filed electronically to ensure easy reference and provide accurate information.
  • Maintain a strong follow-up on pending matters and coordinate with concerned people to get the matters accomplished and resolved.
  • Manage sample stock levels to ensure ECS members have adequate samples in hand when meeting customers and clients.